Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 1 at Union Hall Kitchen and more shout outs

Union Hall Kitchen was abuzz with activity today. This was the first day Jay and I spent a good amount of time at Union Hall Kitchen. We waited for orders to come in and couldn't do much more than bake a bit and organize our goods. We weren't the only ones prepping. Phillis, of the Lunch Room, Keith, of Humble Hogs, and Paul, of Darcy's Cart, were all in the kitchen with us getting ready for our opening on Monday. The cement has been poured and our courtyard looks fabulous. We hope to move our cart in on Saturday.
In all the excitement I was initiated quickly into the cook's life as I burned my arm good on the convection oven door. That darn thing gets hot! Oh well. Live and learn.
Along with getting a few things prepped, we got our wonderful chalkboard sign put together. The sign was a collaborative effort between our mothers. Jay's mom, who with many years experience at finding innovating and inexpensive ways to create sets and costumes for plays, found an innovative way for us to create our chalkboard sign. My mom, with her exceptional painting talent, gave our sign some Spanish flair. Thanks to the both of them for their extraordinary talents.
More thanks goes to those who have helped push our Kickstarter campaign forward. We have only 10 more days and we are a little more than one third of the way toward our goal.

Thanks go to:
Darren Kuhn
Aunt Debbie Rood
Jeff McCabe (of Selma Cafe, check it out)
Steve Russie
Harold Taylor
Brian Poore (of the most excellent band 16 More Miles, check them out)
Nathan Scott (Jay's brother)
Leslie Larkins
David Barnett
Jim Lincoln (of the Tecumseh Herald, check it out)

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