Our Menu

Debajo del Sol's menu features traditional Spanish dishes as well as Spanish inspired dishes that play on the concept of street food and feature the rustic flavors of Spain.

  • We feature a mixed paella that includes chorizo and various meats as well as locally sourced vegetables. 
  • We also have a rotating menu of traditional and original tapas, including patatas bravas, featuring a smoky piquillo pepper sauce, and garlic chicken sauteed in a mushroom sherry sauce.
  • As a way of merging our love of Spanish food and the whimsical nature of serving street food from a cart we developed the popular "chorizo corn dog." We hand-grind and hand-season our own chorizo that is dipped in an organic cornmeal batter.
  • We feature gluten free almond cookies as a sweet complement to the savory dishes we offer. While the cookies are traditional Italian cookies, we couldn't resist spreading our Mediterranean breadth a bit to include these cookies that Cristina's family has been making for generations.
  • NEW!!! Jay has merged the smoky flavor of our handmade chorizo with the rich flavor of duck in our new duck fries that feature chorizo duck gravy heaped over blue cheese and a mound of fried potatoes.
  • For the 2012 season we added a pulled chicken sandwich featuring chicken cooked in a traditional saffron and almond sauce.


We now offer full pans of paella for dine in service. Call ahead to reserve a pan of our paella of the day for a group or order at the cart. If you are ordering at the cart, please note that the cook time will be between 20 and 25 minutes.