Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thanks for your patience. We now have a regular schedule at Wolverine State Brewing in Ann Arbor

Hello dear readers and friends of Debajo del Sol. We've done it! We've set a schedule at Wolverine State Brewing. See our Hours and Events page for details. We welcome two newish employees. Emily has been with us since last season at Mark's Carts and Grace just started this week. We are so excited!!! This means we can be open five nights a week.

We've also brought back our paella on a limited basis. Tonight, Saturday, June 22, we will have paella on the menu.

Now that we have you all excited for the new regular schedule. I do have to say that we will not be at Wolverine on Thursday, June 27, and Friday, June 28, because we will be serving lunch at the Fordland Food Truck Rally in Allen Park. We are so excited to make another appearance at this wonderful event. We had such a great time at the last event in May. There was a warm reception for all the carts. We will return to Wolverine for music night on Saturday, June, 29.

Cristina at Fordland Food Truck Rally: Photo Courtesy of Fordland Food Truck Rally

Friday, June 7, 2013

No Dearborn event for us tonight. We are at Wolverine!

Hi all,

We had a little hiccup in our calendar. No worries. We had to back out of the Dearborn event, nothing major, just some red tape we hope to get straightened out before the next Dearborn event. That's okay. We are at our home base for the evening instead. That, of course, is Wolverine State Brewing Company on Stadium behind Big George's. We love our home base.

Look for info on upcoming events on our events page. We are doing our best to keep it current. We will be putting some stuff up there in the near future.


General Manager
Debajo del Sol

Monday, June 3, 2013

The little cart that could

That's what Chef Jay said in passing at Debajo del Sol's last event, the FordLand Food Truck Rally. It was a blast! We appreciate how patient and enthusiastic everyone was. The lines were long and the people were friendly and genuinely excited about the great food coming from all of the trucks. Thanks to Scott of Treat Dreams. Not only does he make the best handcrafted icecream around, but he organizes great food truck rallies. In fact, he has organized another food truck rally in the City of Dearborn that we will be at Friday, June 7. It kicks off at 5 p.m.
Jay's little cart that could remark comes from us pulling up at these rallies with our little cart. We are a small operation, a 6-foot by 10-foot stainless steel box on a trailer. That was big at Mark's Carts, but out in the wild blue yonder we are itty bitty. Sometimes, we feel even smaller when we pull up next to these fully operational trucks. Still, we hold our own and we love talking to the other truck owners and getting to know how they got into the business. It's a great community of people who love good food and love to make people happy by satisfying their culinary curiosity. We enjoy getting out and about now and meeting everyone and look forward to the summer of rallies and events. If you can't make it to the events, visit us at Wolverine State Brewing Company. We open there most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when we don't have special events. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook for times and locations and such. We also will be set up at Wolverine for University of Michigan football saturdays in the fall. We'll be open Tuesday, June 4, as Linday Lou takes the stage for a night of great music at Wolverine.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

At FordLand Friday, May 31.

We are still working on a regular presence at Wolverine State Brewing on Stadium. We are getting out there more. The best way to keep up with what we are doing and where we will be on any given day is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 31, we will be open for lunch at FordLand on 1000 Republic Drive in Allen Park for the FordLand Food Truck Rally from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The flyer is pictured above. We are excited to be hanging out with the Metro Detroit food truck crowd these days. They are always a great group and always serving up some great cuisine. Our menu will include duck fries, chorizo corn dogs and sliders. Chef Jay has a limited quantity of duck eggs to add to the duck fries for a real decadent treat. He's also rolling out the lamb sliders with lamb from Back Forty Acres in Chelsea. Also want to give a shout out to our CSA Bridgewater Barns Family Farm in Saline. Tony and Janet provided some rockin' duck eggs. 

We will not open at Wolverine that Friday night, but we will open next week at Wolverine. Look for our announcements.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farewell to Mark's Carts, but not goodbye

We are moving on from our place at Mark's Carts. Most may be aware of that by now, as the new season is underway and we are no longer part of the courtyard. We enjoyed our time at Mark's Carts and owe a lot to the project that gave us a running start with our food cart business. Now, it's time to move on.
After a long winter of thinking hard about what our future will look like, we are excited for what is in store for Debajo del Sol. We are most certainly not going away. We are still here. We are excited to be working with E.T. Crowe and her gang at the Wolverine State Brewing Company on Stadium. We are in the process of establishing a regular schedule, so keep an eye on our schedule. As soon as we have solidified times and secured staff we will announce some regular hours.
We also are excited to announce that we will be taking the cart on the road. We are branching out to festivals, food truck rallies, and music festivals. We are excited to be a part of the Romeo 175th Anniversary Jubilee happening this Saturday, May 18, in Romeo, Michigan. In August, we will be a part of the Mo Pop Festival at Freedom Hill Amphitheater. We are adding more events to the schedule as well. We'll update the blog as we go.
Pulled pork sliders served at an event last weekend

Friday, December 14, 2012

On to the next phase

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said "The only constant is change." For Debajo del Sol that means a change of venue. We have enjoyed our time at Mark's Carts and are grateful to have been a part of the groundbreaking concept in Ann Arbor, but we are moving on. That does not mean Debajo del Sol will be gone. We are simply putting the "mobile" back in mobile cuisine. 
Our plan is to continue to be open part-time at Wolverine State Brewing, so come visit us there and enjoy the tastiest microbrewed beer in Ann Arbor paired with Chef Jay's dishes that blend the flavors of Spain with comfort foods we know and love. 
In addition to being at Wolverine, we hope to pop up at various events around Southeast Michigan. We'll keep you posted. Check out our "Events and Hours" page for our schedule at Wolverine and for any upcoming events we will be a part of.

Happy Holidays to all and Merry Eating!!!!

Jay and Cristina
Debajo del Sol

Monday, August 20, 2012

Debajo at a Taste of Tilian

What a perfect night at Tilian Farm Development Center. We set up our cart behind the barn as we teamed up with Ben of Bending Sickle Community Farm to create this delicious duck egg tortilla with tomato basil salad and tomato jam. Green Things Farm contributed the tomatoes and zucchini. It was a real team effort to put the dish out for the Taste of Tilian Fundraiser. We had a blast. We didn't get to taste anything else, except the delicious beet chocolate cupcake with goat cheese frosting. The line outside our cart seemed endless for a while, but it was all in good fun to celebrate great local food. The evening was capped off with music from the wonderful band The Understory.