Sunday, May 8, 2011

Down to the wire in all senses

This is a quick post because we are headed down to Union Hall Kitchen. The cart is in place. We have had many people stop by to check out the activity. There is a lot of work to be done before we open tomorrow. We've had Mama Maria in the kitchen the past couple of days. That has helped immensely. We will have Mama Mary (Jay's mom) helping us out today. Pictures will follow soon. We also have a special opening day dedication post coming soon. We are dedicating our opening to a family member, but I can't reveal her identity until later tonight. We are grateful for all the help we are getting. Our friends Steve and Missy Cunningham and their daughter Leah came down yesterday just in time for Steve to give us a little extra manpower in moving our cart. I'll have photos of that later, too.

It seems like everything is down to the wire. Our Kickstarter campaign is down to the wire as well. We have a week to go and we are less than half the way to our goal.

We have more folks to thank for their support. Thanks so much to:

Jim Le Moine
Leeann Berry and Paul Trapani (Cristina's sis and bro)
Marilyn Newton Schebil

I will have more to post later tonight.

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