Saturday, June 18, 2011

Late night and other stuff

Dear Ann Arbor,

The past couple weeks at Mark's Carts courtyard have been exciting. We celebrated our first month of operation as the first food cart courtyard in southeast Michigan on June 9. We are finally in a groove at Debajo del Sol. We feel a lot more organized. It could have something to do with the iPad we got to help us with the cash transactions. That makes Cristina and happy girl.

We had some visitors last week. Congressman John Dingell came to the courtyard last Friday. No one wears Searsucker like Dingell. That same evening the courtyard enjoyed its first Friday Night Live event. We held a drawing for a free paella dinner for two. Our winners, Peter and Jean, returned Thursday night for some tasty rabbit and chicken paella.

Thursday, The Detroit Free Press ran a front page story about Mark's Carts. We were excited to see a photo of Jay's paella on front page of the entertainment section. More photos of all kinds of fun stuff at the food courtyard are at the Detroit Free Press website.

Tonight, Jay and our friend Scott G., are doing late night service from midnight to 3 a.m. I am definitely no going to be doing that. My hope is that all goes well. Well, I thought this blog would be more descriptive, but I think fatigue is blurring the letters on this blog.

We look forward to more fun at the courtyard. Come join us.



P.S. Blake is the pie king.

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