Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrating Cristina's Birthday Wednesday with a mini-fundraiser for the Pink Fund and looking forward to Friday Night Live

I was on my way back to the courtyard today from a bread run when I realized how I wanted to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday, June 8, at the courtyard. I am all about birthdays and I'm all about helping women and men with breast cancer, especially helping an organization that helps women and men with the financial burden created by breast cancer treatment and recovery. That's why Debajo del Sol will be holding a mini-fundraiser for The Pink Fund, an organization based in Michigan that provides financial assistance to men and women who are going through breast cancer and have lost income because of it.
I know all too well the financial burden caused by a breast cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and even with a good amount of vacation time and disability, five months of chemotherapy really did zap that all up and more, making it difficult to keep a full and steady paycheck while paying the mounting medical bills. That's why I think organizations such as The Pink Fund are as important to the fight as organizations that raise money to find a cure. Finding a cure would be great, but in the meantime women and men are living with the burdens cancer diagnoses ultimately cause.
My plan is to match whatever we collect tomorrow with the number of my age. We also will be running a special. The first person to guess my age correctly will get a free paella.

Here's to birthdays!!!!!

We'll also be open at the courtyard during Friday Night Live. There will be live music featuring the band Me and Ryan. Also, we'll run some specials. Look for details in Thursday's post.

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