Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life at the Courtyard

We've been fortunate as far as weather goes. The sun has given life at the courtyard some great ambiance. We were busy today. We love being busy. We love being at the courtyard. Right now, it's all about finding our groove and ways to improvise to keep our customers happy. Ann Arbor has given us a warm welcome, though, and we are grateful for that.
Me, I love being in the city and seeing the streets of Ann Arbor wake up as I run morning errands. I'm getting to know Miyoko at Cafe Japon, where we get our delicious bread. I feel like a city dweller again, a far cry from what it felt like working in a small town for 12 years. Still, I did love the small town, but there is just so much going on in the city.
Just today, I walked by poet Keith Taylor. I said hello, though he probably doesn't know me from Adam. Still, it made me all happy inside just knowing that on any given day at the cart I can run into a poet. In fact, on our first day at the courtyard I walked by a guy who goes by the name David Julius Ceasar Salad just sitting at a small TV table writing poems for a few bucks. I asked him to write a poem for our cart. He wrote it in Spanish and translated it. I'll have to post it tomorrow because I keep it at the cart for our friends to read.
Well, it's time to get some rest and gear up for a few long days in a row. See you at the cart.

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