Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An early start for us at Mark's Carts

When Chef Jay isn't cooking, he is checking the weather maps out. It's a Scott family obsession. So, he is constantly talking about the "blocking high." To those of us not hip to the weather lingo, that's apparently what is causing the unseasonably warm weather. It's brought all kinds of unseasonable pleasantries like daffodils and Debajo del Sol opening early at Mark's Carts. Yes, that's what I said. We have opened the cart. We've rolled out our new crispy whitefish sandwich with grapefruit, beet slaw and pistachio pesto. We'll be out there for lunch form 11:30 to 3:30 p.m. for lunch on weekdays until the Friday grand opening contingent upon whether. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for updates and don't forget to hit the "like" button.
Just to recap the winter, we were at Wolverine Brewing Company for the winter serving up some Spanish-style street food during trivia nights. Chef Jay also served up breakfast at Selma Cafe in February. That's him working on French toast.
The rest of the winter was spent preparing for what we'll be doing this spring, summer and fall at Mark's Carts. We are excited to return for a second year and to meet the new cart owners. We are also eager to see our regular customers again and to meet new ones. We've already had a good start, and we appreciate all of those who have stopped by and expressed their excitement about season two at Mark's Carts. See you at the courtyard.

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