Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kickstarter goal met, two weeks down, many friendly faces at the courtyard

We have met our Kickstarter goal. We are so grateful to those who helped us and look forward to seeing everyone at the cart. We do have a few more backers to mention, including Catarana Triacca, Winston Yu and Carol Souchock.

We've had an exciting first couple of weeks. We would never have gotten through the first week without the help of our moms, Mary (Jay's mom) and Maria (my mom). They helped out in Union Hall Kitchen as Jay and I figured out our groove. We are still figuring it out a bit, but we have a better handle on it now that we have a little bit of an idea of how things work. We even managed to deal with my car that decided to have issues this week.

We've enjoyed seeing our friends. Some even helped to do the dishes. Our friends Corrine, Ellen, John and Arik stopped by last weekend.

Our friend Piero has visited the cart every day.

Our friends Steve and Jason helped Jay wash dishes yesterday.

Can't resist putting this picture up of Jay with paella.

Well, we are resting up for the start of another week. We are expecting rain, but we'll still be down at the courtyard making some delicious fixings. See you at the courtyard.

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