Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holding Down the Fort

I'm at home, working on Debajo del Sol stuff while Jay is on the road with his dad. They are heading east to get our food cart. They'll tow it all the way back. We had planned to get the thing over the weekend. Jay would drive. I'd sleep, because I still hadn't caught up on rest since returning from my trip overseas. Of course, along with chocolate and stroopwafel, I brought home a nasty dutch bug. I was certainly down for the count, but feeling much better by the time we were to leave to get the cart. The problem was that the nasty bug was very contagious, so just as we were getting ready to leave Jay got sick. He's better but not all the way better as he treks across country on the way to getting our livelihood.
I have to stay back and work. I'm only a week and a half away from my last day at the Tecumseh Herald, where I've been working as a reporter for the last 11 years and nine or so months. As I've walked through my beats these past few days, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic and a little sad. I've loved my beats and I've loved working as a newspaper reporter. Still, it's time for a change. The paper needs someone to look at those beats with fresh eyes, and it's time for me to have an adventure of sorts. Also, it's more than time for Jay to have is own canvas, if you will. He's been cooking for others for a while now. He's liked that enough, but he just hasn't had the chance he's longed for to create the food he loves for others, the food we love.
We've been testing our paella a lot and are ready to try it in our new cart. Hopefully, the next post will include a photo of the cart, but for now here is our paella


  1. I wish we were closer so we could eat at your food cart - maybe I can talk you out of some recipes.